Bulletproof Coffee on 16/8 Fast?

Can someone clarify for me: If I do intermittent fasting, can I still have bulletproof coffee for breakfast during my fasting period? I read in one book I can. Let me know and thank you!

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  • I understood that any amount of calories during your IF will break it so bulletproof coffee would be a no go. Black coffee with some stevia or truvia is fine. 

  • Hi, yes it does break a fast however, if you are a female having a butter coffee in the a.m. is recommended due to our hormones. I highly recommend you search out Michelle Burlesons Female Intermittent Fast eBook it explains it all in her book. Having said that, it is dependant on what you want to achieve. 1.  Do you want to regulate your insulin,  reduce inflammation  2. Do you fast for cellular regeneration, cognitive function, cleansing, reduce the signs of aging.  Number 1. Butter coffee won’t spike your insulin number 2. You want to create “Autophagy” where you shouldn’t have anything but water, some say just black coffee but if you want to be sure, just water until you break the fast.  

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  • Coffee does not. But if you add anything to it like Stevia, Almond Milk or Coconut Oil, then your fast has ended.

  • I have heard that it is ok as it doesn’t raise glucose levels. I have gotten a lot of great information from Dr Jason Fung, The Obesity Code and The Complete Guide to Fasting. He also has several good lectures on You Tube.

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  • From what I have researched IM or intermitant fasting not only allows but suggests bulletproof coffee. Its not intended as a full regular fast, more as a rest for your body from processing food. Search Keto connect and then type in I'm. They explain it well. Go through different types of fasts from a male and a female perspective. There u tube videos are also very entertaining as well as educational. They aren't doctors or anything, just regular peoples like us showing what its like to live ketos.

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  • For a fast, whether you are doing it full time, or in an intermittent fashion, you can have water and tea. You Can have black coffee as well, but no additions. Once you add to any of these , your fast is over. It's ok if you don't want to do a long fast... just know that bulletproof coffee definitely breaks it! Check out this: https://www.ketoresource.org/keto-questions/can-i-drink-coffee-while-fasting/

  • It depends what type of fasting you do.  On a clean fast you cannot have anything other than tea, coffee, water and no milk or cream added etc.  but when I began fasting and wasn’t used to it, I would drink coffee with a small amount of cream which killed hunger.  If you fast without it, it’s better but it’s better to fast with a little added cream in your drink than not to fast at all if you get what I mean.  Once I got into ketosis there was no hunger and no need for any help to fast.  Fasting became so easy.  I drink only water or sparkling water now and I fast 23 hours every day.  I would like to fast 3 days as I have in past but due to medicines I take I cannot fast longer safely.

  • You are technically not doing a complete fast however you still get the great fat burning benefits if you utilize BFC in the AM

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