4th day and feeling sick 馃

4th day on Keto diet, staying around 15-20 carbs and I'm feeling yuck! I checked my strips tonight and they are not picking up any color.  Praying this will pass soon! 

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  • Hang in there! It takes me about 4-5 days to get into ketosis 

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  • Eat more fat and have a little strawberries or raspberries. 

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  • And more water and take potassium and other supliments. It will pass. Hang in there. 

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  • Something else you can try, start higher carb (50+) or so- work into the low 20 mark. Add some peanut butter and berries. It might help. Everyone's body is different. 

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  • People who are on a paleo and low carb, mod protein, high fat diet would have a different opinion. That's why we all got the low carb app, to be healthier. Please do your research before telling anyone ketosis it's "bad " for us. We are burning our fat reserves and that's kinda how this works. The American food guidelines are misleading( the food pyramid ). I have read numerous articles and watched videos on the benefits of ketogenic diet. It's helped eplieptic patients and cancer patients are advised to follow it, not to mention pre, and diabetic patients. Maybe you can tell us how we are losing body fat, and why our blood counts are looking better?

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  • badmojomn 25 or less I'm all over the macros... im still working on getting them more evened put... its tough..  best of luck to ya..  i live in PA and we have lots of corn.. my downfall.. lol.

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  • ellesknits I have never in my life heard such misinformation as you are spouting. I'm off of my insulin thanks to ketogenic, carbs made me sick and fat. Don't tell your lies to people , just think, you could singlehandedly  be killing someone who could otherwise save their lives by following a ketogenic diet.

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  • ellesknits not sure why you'd use an app that is for keto/ low carb plans. If you will note, the advice given here was to include some carbs from natural sources (berries).  

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  • It took me about two weeks to feel good. My suggestion is to drink as much water as possible, preferably with some salt added (and other electrolytes if you have access).  Make sure you get enough healthy fat and do not jump back to carbs.  It takes time for your body to adapt. 

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  • This app is not just for Keto diets. I clicked on the topic because I was curious about the title. There is plenty of information out there to support that this diet is unhealthy. And the fact that it makes you sick should tell you something...

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  • ellesknits- that's keto adaptation. It's a transition of your body burning sugars, to burning the fat you ingest and your own body fat. I think you better do some more research on the benefits of this lifestyle. FYI- keto'ers don't really call it a diet, it's a lifestyle. Your giving one sided opinions that are not justified. Obviously you downloaded the app to be able to publish your opninons here. We all had to create a profile. We encourage positive feedback and suggestions here. Please take your negativity elsewhere. Thanks. 

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  • ellesknits There is info out that that both supports and refutes EVERY diet out there, including Atkins, South Beach, low fat, high fat, keto, paleo, vegetarian, vegan, blood type diets etc. The key is to find scientific studies run by organizations you can trust. Here is a list of studies that compare low-carb and low-fat diets. https://authoritynutrition.com/randomized-controlled-trials-in-nutrition/

    There are advantages and disadvantages to both.  Read and choose based on your current situation and goals.

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  • Dr. Atkins theory was "no carbs" first week. I started Tuesday and I am already in Ketosis. No carbs. As soon as you are in Ketosis you can start adding carbs, but only up to 10 a day. That is why I love this app. After one week, start adding up to 20. Check and make sure as you are adding your purple does not get lighter. That will tell you if your body can handle extra carbs. Throughout this process. When you achieve your weight goal, start adding an extra 5 carbs a week. 50 will take you out of Ketosis, Dr. Atkins recommended to stay under 100, for healthy life style. But....he did not talk about caloric intake! You still need to get have a weight loss base for calories. I am 5"10, 63 and light exercise. Mine is 1200...Think about it, your body will start using your fat to burn calories, but your body is not going to burn more than you use. If you are feeling sick, that is called the "flu" because your body is clearing out your liver and kidneys of stored sugar, that is why we urinate a lot the first few days, get a zero carb gatorade and start restoring your eloctrolytes! I also have pure monk sugar, from amazon. What a blessing! And monk sugar pancake syrup! 0 carbs and has no taste except sweetness. Start again after shoring your body up with electrolytes, and do zero carbs, until your strip is purple, then add 10 but do not go higher! for a couple of weeks. I will share a pancake recipe that you can look forward to when you get into ketosis and can add your 10 carbs! Buy almond flour. It last a long time! And monk sugar, and monk sugar maple syrup from amazon... other recipes will tell you to use a blender, but you do not have to! I nuke 2 tablespoons of cream cheese for 1 minute, then I add 2 large egg, stir briskly, then I add 1/4 cup of almond flour, a teaspoon of monk sugar, 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder, let it sit for a minute,put coconut oil in my pan and heat it up then pour in my batter for a huge pancake with butter on top, amd monk maple syrup! 6 net carb, 3 from flour, 2 from eggs, and 1 from cream cheese. I eat it before I go to bed, no tummy growls, it fills you up! So yes there is a difference between atkins (although they are trying to make it user friendly by saying 20 carbs or 40 carbs. But 0 is the way to go to get into ketosis, 10 for the first week after ketosis. Key is strips. Your body is telling you that you are eating too many carbs. Did I confuse you?   So getting the keto flu is normal, your body is telling you that your electrolytes are out of balance, the strip is telling you...too many carbs. Every body is different, that is why we start with zero until we go into ketosis before adding any carbs! Good luck! And no cheating, this is the worst diet if you cannot commit to it as cheating will lead to obesity quickly, more so as I already am.  Paleo is more forgiving. Counting calories is more forgiving. But this one, absolutely not as cheating will take you out of ketosis.

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    Agree with the vast majority here! You're more than likely in the keto flu stage. Hang in there! Pickles help with sugar cravings and the juice is great for restoring electrolytes. You can also have a cup or two of broth to help replenish. Hope this helps!! 

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  • ellesknits this is incredibly wrong.. I mean it's logical, but clearly keto works as well and has much more amazing health benefits than a typical carb based diet. No, fat does not makes you fat. In reality, good fats are so important for health, like hormones and blood sugar stabilisation, for example. Carbs on the other hand? Just an easy source of energy, and nothing more. Please, do not attempt to follow ANY low fat diet by any means, fat is essential for your body, and of course protein too. But most of the modern day carbs are refined and have a super bad impact on health.  The only exemption is if your doctor suggested you a low fat diet, for a specific medical condition, which is kind of rare I believe. 

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  • eisacarrie  It takes only 12 hours to get into ketosis. It takes about 3 weeks to get adapted hormonally 

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  • ellesknits Only fat peoples bodies need carbs. 

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  • 4th day, feeling sleepy and lazy is that okay?

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  • I was feeling like that and started taking a daily vitamin, a b12 and L carnetine, it has helped a lot! Wishing you the best

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  • You need to take an electrolyte supplement while on keto. Your body is freaking out because it's probably addicted to sugar. I started slowly. Cut sugar & only ate complex carb grains like ancient grains & some fruit too. 

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