What is the lowest carb intake ok

I have hit the stall wall, My carbs are never over but some days there are at the max.

If I am allotted 16 grams and calories are 1295 how low can I go?

Moondrake  have you noticed a benefit from no dairy this month?

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  • I try to avoid Splenda too.  I read the yellow packets have .9 grams of carbs and the granulated has .5 grams of carbs per teaspoon.  

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  • Maybe that's why I am stalling.  I have noticed that I still have been drinking my morninng coffee 2 cups each with 1 splenda and 1tsp of nondairy creamer ( factored those 4 grams of carbs into my day) I was losing weight.  But now have started drinking diet Lipto Iced tea now that it is very warm out and my loss has stalled, actually weight gone up 3 lbs with no additional changes to my diet.... Wasn't even thinking about hidden splenda.....

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  • Gina Since I stopped making the drinks for about a week , then added it back the sugar cravings were so intense.  Soda Stream does offer mixes with stevia. 

  • Richard It is worth a try as I stated above when I quit the sugar cravings were bad.  Search for tea with stevia, as that does not seem to have the same effect on me at least.  Our bodies are now screaming at us and we are finally listening :) 

  • Richard I’ve read that artificial sweeteners cause your body to ready itself to process actual sugar.   Maybe do some research on that?

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    We use stevia drops....the cheapest place I found to buy it is at swansonvitamins dot com. If we need a sweetener to replace sugar for baking, we use Anthony's ethryitol (on amazon dot com)

  • I use erythritol and find it better than stevia. I buy the organic granulated type and try not to use too much (no more than 1 T./day). 

    I've also seen a lot of people say that they break a stall with an intermittent fast (IF). That's usually eating between a designated period of time, say 10 in the morning until 6pm. I think the goal is approximately 16 hours of fasting. You would then consume all of your macros within the timeframe you choose. I haven't done this yet but plan to give it a shot next week when my SO is away and will let you know how it goes regarding weight loss. 

  • Shrinkme I think it depends on the sweetener. Some like erythritol, monk fruit and stevia aren't suppose to spike your glucose. But I'm not certain, just that those three are supposed to be the best for KD.

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