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Hey all!

I started the keto diet on 1/9 and I'm doing great with it but I'm not reaching the macro goals. I dont go over, I stay alittle below.  Is that okay or do I need to meet the goals each day?


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  • I’m falling short with my fat as well. 

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  • Gastric Joy 

    Are you still losing weight even though your not getting all the micros? 

  • Take a look at Go Keto with Casey on YouTube keep Keto simple it works 😃

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  • Gastric Joy 

    Getting fats shouldnt be hard and I suspect you are avoiding as you heard for years fats are bad for you.

    I eat sauteed veggies and put 1 tbsp of Butter on them.

    Eating Butter, Coconut oil (Virgin kind), fatty meats, eggs, nuts are sources of fats

  • It is my understanding that protein and fat are goals you want to hit each day, carbs are a cap and the lower the better.  You need the fat to stay in ketosis, and the protein to protect your muscle mass.  I tend to fall short on protein so I read up on it and there are a lot of conflicting opinions on whether it's okay to be short, but I figure better safe than sorry and work to hit my protein goal at least every other day.  I drink a cup of organic chicken bone broth plus a scoop of collagen peptides (with lemon juice and seasoning added) after dinner to hit that protein goal.  It's like 19g  protein. If I need fat as well I put a bit of butter in it.   The collagen peptides are tasteless and can go in almost anything, but my picky stomach will only accept them in the bone broth, which already contains collagen. 

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  • I’m not meeting fat goal either

    what are thoughts on MCTs to meet fat goal?

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  • Hail2019 

    I made the peanut butter fat bombs, totally recommend it especially if your having trouble meeting your fat and protein goals.

  • Hail2019 as far as I have read, MCT is great for meeting fat goal and for overall health.

  • Cheese & whipping cream are my go to’s to increase my fat

  • Gastric Joy  I use fatbombs and MCT oil added to just about anything when running short on fat.

  • Can you share a peanut butter fat bomb recipe please

  • Darlene Herman I have several fat bomb recipes posted on the Recipe Swap forum.  Here is the one for Peanut Butter.  Coconut butter is a little hard to find but really improves taste.  I get it at Sprouts or Whole Foods.

    1 net carb (2 total), 10g fat, 1g protein, 88 calories.  Makes 24 servings.

    2oz creamy peanut butter (Jiff Natural)

    1oz coconut oil

    2oz coconut butter

    2oz cream cheese

    4oz butter

    3tbsp heavy whipping cream

    3tsp Erythritol (or Xylotol or stevia)

    Heat HWC in double boiler and dissolve sweetener.  Mix in cream cheese.  Mix in PB.  Add remainder of ingredients, stir till well mixed.  If cream cheese doesn't blend, transfer to heat resistant bowl and use mixer to blend.  Spoon into candy forms, about 80% full in mine.  Freeze.  Pop out and store in freezer in Ziploc bag.  They don't get really hard.  Will keep for weeks.  Delicious and very filling for so few calories.


    For a fun twist on Reese's, top with sugar free chocolate chips.

    These are the molds I use:

  • Darlene Herman I responded with a recipe but it's pending review.  I don't know why they do that to some posts, but it took almost 4 days the last time.  I have a peanut butter fat bomb recipe in the Recipe Swap forum if you'd like to look there.  Just note that I accidentally posted the macros for a half piece, so the macros will be doubled when you actually add the recipe, 1 carb, 1 protein, 88 cals.

  • I hit my goals pretty well,  jr since I got a fit bit and sync it to this app, all my macros go down and I’m negative on a lot of them at the end of the day. Any suggestions?

  • Darlene Herman 

    I tried to attach recipe screenshot, but unsure if worked ...

    4oz softened cream cheese

    1/4 c peanut butter

    1T Swerve

    1/2 crushed dark choc chips

    Crush choc chips (I chop mine in mini food chopper) and set aside. Combine PB, cream cheese and Swerve. Mix then roll into balls (I used ice cream scooper to keep uniform size). Roll each ball in the choc chips, place on parchment paper and place in freezer.

    YUMMY AND EASY TO MAKE! I usually double the recipe. Hope this helps:)

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  • KimberlyRT  

    Thanks  That sounds good too

  • KimberlyRT  that sounds easy and yummy! Do you know the macros on that recipe?

  • Misspriss 

  • Fat 9%
    saturated fat 3g 15%
    carbs  0%
    protein 5g 10%

  • Still don't know how to figure macros except for the above

  • Misspriss  To be honest, I’m not certain because I use the recipe from CM and their calculations. 

  • Ashley in settings in your fit bit. Turn off if you exercise take off calories burned 

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