Intermittent Fasting or Three Meals Plus Snacks???

Can I please get some feed back from you all on Intermittent Fasting?  So I have been officially on KETO now for about two weeks.  I have found that if I plug in my food into the app I can keep my macros within the suggested limits.  I work a 12 hour night shift which means that my eating and sleep schedules will differ greatly from most of you.   I have found that by eating two meals, which combined meet my macros, in a span of 4-5 hours will allow me to fast for 19-20 hours a day and not be hungry.  Do y'all find that intermittent fasting or feeding the metabolic engine throughout the day with three meals and snacks has been more successful for you?

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  • You should also get some feedback from the "Male" perspective- but for me, Intermittent Fasting is definitely the better choice.  I'd be careful though with 20hrs. of IF... Your body may go into starvation mode... Be sure you are eating enough calories and maybe try 16:8??

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  • Oooops!... Re-read your post and I assumed you were of the "male" persuasion... My apologies... I suppose a "Chef" could be either Male or female...

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  • Hi there. Over 2 months in here myself. I have had to switch it up week by week. I stared IF 3 weeks in and 16:8 did nothing for me. I have the whoosh effect when I do a couple of 20 or 24 hour fast with OMAD. But just one or two a week. I’m down 22 pounds. Slowly but surely. Also, I indulge sometimes. Not often but it averages once a week. Snacking is the reason I haven’t lost more in my opinion even tho they are Keto approved snacks. 

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  • Candace  I am waiting for the Whoosh it must be so exciting :).  Congratulations on 22 lbs in 2 months.

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  • Kim lol, you got it right the first time Kim.  :)

  • Candace ,

    You have my attention!... First of all... what is OMAD??... I do 16:8 LCIF but while I am losing, my results are not even close to yours... CONGRATULATIONS!... And can you please elaborate on exactly what you're doing? Thanks in advance for sharing!

  • OMAD means one meal a day

  • Kim well im no expert thats for sure even though I do quite a bit of research on the subject of all things Keto. What I have learned is that there is no cookie cutter approach for everyone. I track everything that I eat, use urine testing strips and weigh each day. This helps me in knowing what works for my body and what doesn't in how I feel and weigh. The program that works for me is known as carb cycling, a cyclical keto diet involves some carb-loading one to two days a week.  Sometimes a piece of pecan pie, or on Mothers Day I had a french dip sandwich for example. The other days I am pretty good about staying below my macros, especially my fat. You only want high fat for 2-3 weeks tops to become fat adapted then you want your body to burn its own fat not your nutritional fat. I TRY to keep both fat and protein equal between 60 and 70mg per day. I am 5'5 and weigh 222 now, March 7 I started at 244.

    I have noticed that after eating carbs at one meal that week that I lose a couple of pounds the next day even though my test strips are negative for ketosis. So this works for me.  So I get back on staying below my macros along with IF. I usually eat two meals a day between 10-6 or even better Noon-6. When I whoosh is the longer fast for sure but it is hard unless you eat alot of fat beforehand to keep you satiated or stay super busy/distracted. I maintain park and rec areas to I am active and that helps but I get hungry too.

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  • Gwen 

    Duh!😊 Thanks Gwen... I figured it was something simple!

  • Candace 

    Thanks for the reply...interesting.  I've been told a couple of times to "throw some carbs into my diet" during the week... I go 20-strict LC days and then a couple days off.  Often after I work out,  my carbs and my calories are in the "negative". (I still use the calorie subtotal to calculate my daily cal. deficit).  I could probably work OMAD in a couple times a week too! Thanks again and good luck on your continued journey!!

  • From what I have read, fasting helps with autophagy, but not weight loss.

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  • Moondrake I will let you know at 3 PM today I will end my first fast of 21 hours.  Those pork chops do smell good :)

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    Depends on your hunger sensors (non-techy term)...everyone is different. If you are full with just doing 4-5 hours then that's great. Everyone is different.

    As far as feeding the metabolic engine...if your body is hungry and you in ketosis, it will eat the fat off your body for the energy it needs...that's the whole purpose of the Keto Lifestyle.

    Make sure to eat enough in your 4-5 hour window so you are getting enough nutrients.

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