Enter weight loss here- start of your journey date - begging and end goals- GO!

I started at 188 pounds May 11, I'm 5'6. I noticed the start of my body transform on month 3, weigh in now at 173 Oct.6.  Goal weight 160 for now.

***Post your pants getting looser or your belly going down, family and friends noticing your thinning out, or the scale! Keep it simple and short. Post every few weeks or so for needed encouragement for everyone😊.

Words of encouragement for the journey of ketonians and low carb followers, stay on it no matter what! 

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  • Hi I started at about 225.  I’m at 204 and I am 5’6.  It’s been at least a month that I’ve been on Keto as I was getting ready for a Disneyland vacation. I’m a little discouraged right now because I have not been cheating and when I left I was at 201 and when I got back I was up to 204. So I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong and why I’m not loosing faster. Is it possible I’m not eating enough?  I’m excited to be here with you all and following everyone’s journey. 

  • JRogers May I ask what a small lunch and typical dinner would be for you?

  • lanememory4c02  sounds like you had too much protein. Try cutting back on how much protein your eating. Maybe 2 eggs2 strips of bacon. Add some avocado to the eggs. 

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  • Started at 315 June 1st


    Today 288.6

    BP really good but still on meds 122/76. Forever it was 140/90 with meds. 

    Hit a snag but I realized upon carb manager review,  proteins were getting a bit high. 

    I think I'm back on good track.  Almost never hungry anymore.  Ketones with urinalysis hoversaround 40ish when I wake up

  • kellycann59 that is a frustrating step.  Double check your protein and the type of fats...  Better fats are better for keto.  Do you check your ketones level? 

    I've been told,  and our did work for me,  I boosted by calories and didn't get crazy with water.  The next day scale started to move again.  You know,  the body adjusts and always wants to normalize

  • JRogers good morning. Today I will cut back on the bacon. I do try to eat a half or one avocado a day. ketosis test strip this morning barely changed color. does your test keep you deep into ketosis most of the time. 

  • lanememory4c02 A small lunch would either be a very small portion of leftovers from the dinner the night before. Or if there were no leftovers a lot of the times I’ll do 10 to 15 pepperoni slices a snack size Colby Jack cheese and a monster ultra zero energy drink.

    Dinner could be anything from grass fed burger with pepper jack cheese guacamole mayonnaise spinach and sometimes a fried eggg on top. I also really like taco salad. Typically I’ll  use fresh spinach instead of lettuce a third of a cup of taco meat with sour cream cheese,salsa, and guacamole. Another good one is a small chicken breast pan  seared in butter, Homemade Spinach Alfredo sauce and a small side salad. 

  • lanememory4c02 yes my strips are always a  purple color

  • Started May 1....as of today July 27 down 23.2 lbs .... 13 inches....goal Aug 1 of 25lbs.  Then will start another goal....what happens when you reach goal...how do you maintain over time?

  • Summerlover Summerlove your doing great.  I have received some good advice from the group thus far. But for some reason I can't get deep into ketosis state. I have never seen deep purple on my ketosis test strip. I also had the question that once the goal is reached how is it maintained? mentally, eating saturated fat all the time seems to still go against my 70 years of education about food. I understand my previous mistakes of knocking out a bad of chips, or pint of ice cream, ritz crackers and peanut butter etc etc was bad. Now with using grass fed butter, organic eggs, coconut milk, kale, squash, and as of today grass fed beef. I am wondering when I do a cholesterol check in about a month what it is going to look like. My previous LDL/HDL was excellent at 160. Anxious for replies ....on all questions. 

  • JRogers Have never had deep purple thus far. Last night had an attach.  On the site they call it Carb holiday. It wasn't planned but just happened. cup of pecan ice cream, two veggie patties, some walnuts, peaches, But today back on the program. Thus far today keto coffee morning. Three organic range eggs with organic cheese, and half avocado with canola oil for lunch. 

  • kellycann59 Don’t put to much emphasis in the scale. It can fluctuate with water daily. Weighing in to often can cause thoughts of failure for most. If your following the plan keep going. You will see changes in your waistline or jeans. Im still melting fat over a year later but scale doesn’t really reflect. Keep up the work. It will pay off. 

  • lanememory4c02 I think peaches are higher carb. Try berries, blue, rasp, strawberries. 

  • Badmojomn Thank you for that. 

  • JRogers  Good morning. The way you wrote that sounds delicious ;-). Thank you. 

  •   JRogers Question have you had your cholesterol checked since you have been on KETO diet? Before I started my cholesterol was 162 which as we know is a good number. I am afraid what is happening, weight down cholesterol up????

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  • lanememory4c02 I just started with my grass fed beef from US Wellness a few days ago. Before that Costco beef. Do you think it makes a difference. I know grass fed with out GMO is better but, as far as KETO diet is concerned?

  • lanememory4c02 I am 5 weeks in and my cholesterol has gone down a lot! I was shocked. My doctor is very happy and I'll continue to check every 3 months. 

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  • Female, 44, 5'7 - small boned - started 3/14 at 156 and have been 136 since 7/14, so 20 lbs in 4 months! My goal weight is 125. I love keto! I had thyroid trouble and have been carrying an extra 20-30 lbs for the past 4 years and it's been impossible to lose with calorie restriction. This diet is truly a miracle for me. And I never feel deprived. 

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  • mrack135a Congratulations, your doing great. 

  • 105 lbs Gone!

    65 lbs to go

    310 lbs Jan. 1, 2017

    Goal 140 lbs

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  • Withrow Urban Homestead OMG i feel so ashamed. I have been playing around with a 15 lb loss and can't seem to go any further. Please what are you eating. You have it down pat. 

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  • lanememory4c02 for weight loss I have to keep it simple and do intermittent fasting. I have a huge coffee with cream in the morning then 1 big meal of fresh meat & veggies 2ish then nothing the rest of the day. My body does best if I eat no more than 6 net carbs per meal.  I don’t eat anything with sugar listed in the ingredients no matter how low the carb count  I also count calories.

    Keto baked goods & desserts are maintenance foods for me.  My husband started eating low carb 3 months ago and needs them since he’s not a big meat & veggie fan. He has lost 30lbs eating 3 meals plus a snack at around 90 net carbs a day. Shows all our bodies are different. 

    I walk 6 days a week. Walking for me is an appetite suppressant. It boosts my mood and motivates me. 

    Hang in there. 

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  • Hello all


    After a little lull in actual weight loss, it started again. after a week of vacation of all things. Was stuck at 287..


    Started June 1, 2018 at 315

    Ten days ago stuck at 287

    This morning 285...I'm happy again.  Honestly though even though scale didn't move during the last 2 weeks or so,  my clothes felt bigger.  I started working out a bit as well so all adds up. 

    This diet lifestyle had become easy to understand and navigate it. 

  • Withrow Urban Homestead this is fantastic! 

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