Enter weight loss here- start of your journey date - begging and end goals- GO!

I started at 188 pounds May 11, I'm 5'6. I noticed the start of my body transform on month 3, weigh in now at 173 Oct.6.  Goal weight 160 for now.

***Post your pants getting looser or your belly going down, family and friends noticing your thinning out, or the scale! Keep it simple and short. Post every few weeks or so for needed encouragement for everyone😊.

Words of encouragement for the journey of ketonians and low carb followers, stay on it no matter what! 

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  • Oh wow. ***Begining   

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  • Great post

    1st Sept 2017  214.8lbs 5'10" current 198.8lbs = 16lbs loss

    (current) goal 170lbs.  

    Fat melting off face, neck, shoulders, stomach area (lots still to go in that area which is typical insulin storage location.).

    Words of encouragement: this starts with you, educate yourself, feed your body ~  helps you keep motivated ~ and join in here. 😀

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    • IsabeausRose
    • Trying to maintain a healthy weight
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    October 7th current weight 166, goal weight 150. Have lost 55 pounds already but new to keto. Looking forward to getting into those size 8 jeans and buying new clothes. Was hoping to reach my goal weight beginning of January.

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  • started Oct 2016 at 183lbs size 16 pants. I am 162lbs now size 10 pants, and they are loose. 

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  • carolmotsinger lovely photos showing evidence of massive changes, you’re looking great too!  🙌🎉🎉🎉

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  • Down 7 pounds fm start, then back up 2 but this weight so far retained. Now heading down again. 16:8 IF w 20net carbs max keto plan. THANKS for all of this you all. Accountability can be grand !

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  • Started August 10, 2017 at 246 lbs today Oct 10 210.8 yes I count every point lol. Shorts are getting looser, arms are thinning, stomach is taking it's time lol.

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  • tlt_82 Good job! Keep up the fat eating and it will melt all off!

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  • tlt_82 wow! You go!!!! 

    Now I have to work harder, because you're are my inspiration.

    Sticking to a goal is a Super Power!

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  • started keto a year ago after my nurse/ nutristionist aunt talked about it for 10 yrs, i never listen.. but i ketoed like 2 times and in between stayed low carb.  was 248 now im 198 half my goal completed  40 more to go and very confindent ill reach   keto/ lowcarb change the game for life!!!!  47 never felt so good!!! 🤘

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  • Where on app do you add goal. I just started today I weigh209 my goal is 170

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  • I started about 6 weeks ago, and I'm down from 167 to 155. I'm attributing my slow loss to my age and being menopausal...I hope to lose 20 more! Before New Years, I hope!

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  • mamecileb  

    Hi - I don't see a goal either ha ha. But in the start up you can choose how many pounds a week one wants to lose. Good luck !


  • OK let me participate here ! Thanks for starting this,  badmojomn !

    I started this 17# over goal and dropped first 2 after intermittent fasting 16:8 x 2 weeks and then 5 more after one week this Keto, actually LCHF intake as per this site. 

    Then had a social week and allowed myself to take a break. Gained back  4 in less than a week (!). Now down 2 of those after just 2 days with a few social slips. YaY

    Now on pure ketogenic (5%netcarbs 30pro 65fat) for a few days or until I see keto in the am. Then will go back on LCHF (12% 25% 63%)

    So..... Now I am 12# to my goal which is for BMI 20. As I've said, I just feel so much better that way, that's where I want to be. 

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  • Terrafarm1  

    Hey I wouldn't call 12 lbs in 6 weeks slow ! That's  2 #s a week. Congrats already !!!

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  • Update on progress: 22.2lbs lost so that’s 6.6lbs in the last 2 weeks wow!

    Staggering, so glad you started this as seeing my losses in black & white are so encouraging! 

    I never go hungry 🙌

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  • Hi! My name is Linda, 63 yrs. 5'3" Weight started 187, goal 170 for now to see if I can maintain at 170.

    Doing a 1200 calorie and keeping carbs moderate.  I easily gain weight with too many carbs.

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  • OK / net 5lbs down fm start, 12 to go for goal. At 2lbs per week that should take 6 weeks. Let’s call this week 1 !

    Week 1: — 5 down 12 to go !

    Thanks for starting this - yes, great to see in black and white !

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  • tlt_82  has this been with diet alone or exercise too?  Great work!

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  • Started oct 15. Current weight 180--goal roughly 130. Loving keto so far! :-)

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  • I can't seem to lose weight. I'm stuck at 180 to 183... my weight has not moved and it's been 2 months.. any help would be greatly appreciated 

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  • jacks have you tried reducing proteins & upping fats even if just for 3 days, I personally did this and saw great results.  Found the advice in Keto Clarity by Jimmy Moore which I have on audiobook & you can find him on YouTube. It can be done for up to 14 days if your weight is really getting you down but you’re unlikely to need that long.

    I’m week 8, and 23.4lbs lost.

    Apparently  there is an alternative of carbing up I intend doing this once at goal, youTube again, Leanne at Healthful Pursuit ~ there’s hope & you’re not alone.

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  • Hi there!


    Started on October 5, 2017

    174lbs, 5’9” 40 y/o female


    Ive always been pretty active, but my eating has always been out of control. I decided to take charge and get my old body back.


    Currently in week three!

    CW: 161!!  GW: 145

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  • carolmotsinger Thats Fantastic you look great!

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  • tlt_82 Fantastic!

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