Favourite self education finds please add to 😀

With so much to learn I was so grateful I found this forum with such generous time & experience gifts’. I have noticed a strong trend in many questions being repeated, I didn’t read enough before starting myself ~ but some people are really in the dark & I don’t think they will stick with it as a result. Along the lines of help but in a relaxed way I thought I would list some YouTube & Websites I found useful.

Please add to the thread if you can as the more information we have the more informed our choices can be. Thank you.

This App. Leanne at Healthful Pursuit  ~ YouTube, Website.  Susan Peirce Thompson Ph.D. at Bright Line Eating ~ YouTube, Website, Free Survey.  Keto Christina YouTube.  

Pinterest ~ recipes once you can spot ingredients that you are avoiding as you need to pick through a bit....

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  • I cannot figure out how to share. Can you help me. I’m brand new to this. Following diet for 4 days not yet weighed myself. I was 236lbs. about a week ago. Was doing OA for 6 years but on plateau for 3 years.

  • The book "Why we get fat" changed my life and provides an easy to read science backed overview of why keto works. 

  • Hey everyone, I just started today!! Yay! I have been wanting to start for about two years not going to lie but every time I try to start I can’t fight off those delicious fatty foods and snacks and soda.. whoops. Also lack of knowledge of what to eat ...  But today is the day and it went good! 
    I am 25yrs old, 246lbs and my BMI is 41. Yikes. But here i am ready to kick this diets butt and be successful in it! I would use all the knowledge and support anyone wants to give me!! Thank you!!! 💛🥰 
    Add me @ Kayla.reynolds9511@icloud.com

  • The Complete Keto Guide by Amanda Sterling (found it on Amazon) really helped me! Has a ton of recipes & a month long meal plan!

  • Just ordered myself a couple of cook books will review them.

  • Statin therapy is not warranted for a person with high LDL-cholesterol on a low-carbohydrate diet.

    by Diamond, David M.; Bikman, Benjamin T.; Mason, Paul.

    Current Opinion in Endocrinology & Diabetes and Obesity: August 05, 2022
    doi: 10.1097/MED.0000000000000764 


  • I like this guy's videos:



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